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PurePerl MySQL Command Line Tool

Foreword: This page presents the PurePerl MySQL Command Line Tool.

By: Chrysanthus Date Published: 14 Apr 2015


This page presents the PurePerl MySQL Command Line Tool. It explains the installation and it gives the functions and statements and how to use them.

Installing the PurePerl MySQL API Command Line Tool
The command line tool is in the API library; it works with the rest of the library. You have to download and install the whole library in order to use the tool. The library to download is in a zipped directory. You download it and you unzip it. You will then see the files, and and the directory, Mysql. The file, is the command line tool.

Installation is easy: copy the files, and and the directory, Mysql to the directory, C:/Perl/lib or similar of your computer. That is all! You can then begin to use the API (functions and variables or command line tool). Note: if you are not using the Windows Operating System, then go to the files and of your computer, in the installed directory, and at the top of each file, type something like, #!/usr/bin/perl pushing down the rest of the content, by one line. You should know what that statement means. Do the same for all the other files in the C:/Perl/lib/Mysql directory of your computer. Begin work!

The library is free of charge. After reading the agreement, download it at the following link:

PurePerl MySQL API

Functions and Statements

Mysql>connect "user", "domain", port

Mysql>Any SQL Statement e.g. SELECT * FROM Pet;



Learn MySQL
You can study both the Professional and the Administrative MySQL Courses from the following link (using the command line tool):

MySQL Course


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