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Foreword: This is a Perl Course that addresses the most frequently asked questions in the Perl computer language.

By: Chrysanthus Date Published: 29 Mar 2015


This is a Perl course. Perl is a computer programming language. Teaching from bottom-up, it also addresses the most frequently asked questions in Perl. Speed of operation, economic use of memory and coding convenience, have been taken into consideration in the code samples. You can learn Perl from here as your first computer language.

Professional Course

Perl Essentials
Perl Basics
Perl Data Types
Perl Syntax
Professional Course Proper
Perl References Optimized
Handling Files and Directories in Perl
Perl Function
Perl Package
Perl Object Oriented Programming
Perl Regular Expressions
Perl Operators
Using Perl
Perl Core Number Basics and Testing
Commonly Used Perl Predefined Functions
Line Oriented Operator and Here-doc
Handling Strings in Perl
Using Perl Arrays
Using Perl Hashes
Perl Multi-Dimensional Array
Date and Time in Perl
Perl Scoping
Namespace in Perl
Perl Eval Function
Writing a Perl Command Line Tool
Perl Insecurities and Prevention
Sending Email with Perl
Advanced Course
Miscellaneous Features in Perl
Perl Two-Dimensional Structures
Advanced Perl Regular Expressions
Designing and Using a Perl Module


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