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Producing a PurePerl Library

Foreword: This volume explains how to write a Perl Library as client, for the MySQL Server.

By: Chrysanthus Date Published: 29 Mar 2015


After completing a Perl professional and advanced course, you may want to produce a Perl module or library. Many of the modules or libraries that enhance the Perl core, have already been produced. This volume explains how to produce a PurePerl library client application programming interface (API) for the MySQL server. PurePerl software is Perl software without the C language underneath. You should study the volume in the order in which the series have been given. For pre-knowledge, you should already have basic knowledge in database, basic knowledge in MySQL and advanced knowledge in Perl.

The Volume

Perl Socket
Gathering and Separating Data for Low Level Programming
Perl Bitwise Operations
Coding MySQL Protocol Packets in PurePerl
Developing a PurePerl MySQL API
Using the PurePerl MySQL API


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