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Web Development Course

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By: Chrysanthus Date Published: 14 Aug 2012

Web Development Course

After completing website design course, the next course you can study is a web development course. A web development site is a website that has a database and uses the database. So a web development course is a course that comprises a database design course, a database interface course and a web design course.

Mathematics? No, you need very little mathematical skills to complete the course. The few mathematics skills needed is even taught in the course. However, after graduating you can choose whether to be carrying out programming projects that are of mathematical nature or not.

If you would like to be carrying out programming mathematical projects, then as a minimum, you will have to study the middle school (British O'Level) mathematics course whose link is given around the bottom of this page.

The Syllabus:

Major in Website Design
The Must Know in Database and MySQL


PHP Professional Course
PHP Course


Perl Professional Course
Perl Course


Interfacing MySQL Database with PHP
Conventional Web Development with PHP and MySQL
PHP Validation of HTML Form Data - Made Simple
Web Live Text Chart Application with PHP and MySQL
Searching a Social Network Site with PHP and MySQL
Page Views with Ajax and PHP and MySQL


Interfacing MySQL Database with Perl
Web Development Basics with Perl and MySQL
Perl Validation of HTML Form Data
Page Views with Ajax and Perl and MySQL
Search Within a Site with Perl and MySQL
Web Live Text Chart Application with Perl and MySQL

Check out the following link for work:

Programming Solutions

Cool Mathematics

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