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Relational Database and Sybase

Forward: This is a syllabus and links to my free online database and Sybase Course.

By: Chrysanthus Date Published: 30 Aug 2012

Relational Database

A database is an organized set of data. You need to learn the structure of a database. That is what you learn in this part of the course.

Mathematics? No, you need very little mathematical skills to complete the course. The few mathematics skills needed is even taught in the course. However, after graduating you can choose whether to be carrying out programming projects that are of mathematical nature or not.

If you would like to be carrying out programming mathematical projects, then as a minimum, you will have to study the middle school (British O'Level) mathematics course whose link is given around the bottom of this page.

Database Syllabus and links:

Designing Database Tables
Efficiency in Database Design


After learning what database is, you have to learn how to implement it. A database can be implemented using the Sybase software server. The Sybase database server is sold. However, you can learn it in the name of SQL Anywhere. SQL Anywhere is meant for educational use and is free. It is developed along side the Sybase commercial software and it has the features of the commercial software.

Sybase Syllabus and links:

Implementing Database in Sybase
Handling Sybase Events with Triggers and Procedures Using SQL

Check out the following link for work:

Programming Solutions

Projects of Mathematical Nature

After the course, if you will be interested in carrying out projects that are of mathematical nature, then as a minimum, you should study the mathematical course whose link is:

Cool Mathematics

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