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C++ Course

Taking the Bull by the Horns

Forward: This page has the links to all the main topics of C++.

By: Chrysanthus Date Published: 30 Aug 2012

Professional Course

C++ is a computer language. Below are the hyperlinks to tutorial series. Each series deals with one of the main topics in C++. So the professional and the advanced portions to the course, together cover the main topics of the ISO/IEC specification.

Mathematics? Not quite. You need very little mathematical skills to complete both the professional and advanced portions of the course. The little mathematical skills needed is taught along in the course.

C++ is closer to the computer hardware than other languages. This gives you the advantages of flexibility and efficiency in programming.

Yes, you can study the course from the links below as your first computer language. The main prerequisite to study the course is to be computer literate. Note: study the course following the order in which the topics are given.

A very good news: The course is free:

C++ Taking the Bull by the Horns
C++ Just After the Basics
Object Oriented Programming in C++
C++ Operators
C++ Templates
Exception Handling in C++
Container Library Sequences in C++ Simplified
Associative Container in C++ Simplified
String in C++ Standard Library Simplified
Date and Time in C++ Simplified

Advanced Course

The syllabus for the advanced portion of the course follows:

Storage Duration in C++
Scopes in C++
Function and Operator Overloading in C++
Specifiers in C++
Some Features of C++ Entities
C++ Preprocessing Directives
Writing a C++ Container
C++ Namespace
Writing a C++ Application

Projects of Mathematical Nature

After the course, if you will be interested in carrying out projects that are of mathematical nature, then as a minimum, you should study the mathematical course whose link is:

Cool Mathematics

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