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ECMAScript 2015 Course

ECMAScript 6 Course

Foreword: A Fairly Complete Course in ECMAScript 6

By: Chrysanthus Date Published: 21 Jul 2016


Study the course in the order in which the topics are given. The little mathematics skills you need is taught to you in the course.

ECMAScript Basics
ECMAScript Operators
Expressions in ECMAScript
Statements in ECMAScript
Custom Objects in ECMAScript
Functions in ECMAScript
ECMAScript Date Object
The ECMAScript String Object
ECMAScript String Regular Expressions
ECMAScript Template Literal
The ECMAScript Array
ECMAScript Sets and Maps
ECMAScript Number
Scopes in ECMAScript
Mastering the ECMAScript (JavaScript) eval Function
Sending Email with ECMAScript
ECMAScript Insecurities and Prevention
Advanced Course
Advanced ECMAScript Regular Expressions
Promise in ECMAScript 2015
Generator in ECMAScript 2015
ECMAScript Module
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