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Computer Programmer - A Jack of all Trade - Poem

Are you a Master of All

Foreword: This is a poem to honor the computer programmer.

By: Chrysanthus Date Published: 15 Sep 2018

The Poem

Computer Programmer: Today you are called to produce software for a supermarket. Next month you are called by the clergy to produce a database for their work. The month after you are called to take part in the writing of a game. And yet the month after, a teaching institute wants you to automate something in their establishment. You cannot do all these without understanding or learning the basics of the different jobs. The next time you are called to produce the same type of work, you already have some experience. And when you write a program, you have to teach the users how to use the program, ending up working in different trades. Of course you already know that you have to organize your time.

Computer Programmer: You are always communicating with people of different works of life, understanding their jobs in order to serve them better, living with the communication issues that many people avoid. If socializing means contacting different people of different works of life, then that you do at work.

Computer Programmer: You must be employed. In the recession of the developed countries of the west, your job was not at stake. May be you are paid less, but you are still working. You are a necessity. You are important.

Software Engineer, university trained professional programmer: Mathematics is something that many people, even people of substance of any country, are afraid of. Like a good owner of a stubborn horse, you tamed it. You have learned mathematics to the highest practical level, until what is left to study in that field, is math for the sake of math, as the mathematicians themselves say. In the high school and university, you faced mathematics; you embraced it because you had no choice, and you overcame it; finally bringing it under control, as you would use it to program mathematical problems later in life.

System Annalist, a higher-level programmer: What have you not analyzed? You were not trained to analyze only one system. So though a specialist, you are still into all trades; you cannot run away from all trades.

Computer programmer, the serious one: You joined the profession were learning does not stop. Every year you have to learn something new as the changes come. Little did you appreciate as a student that, that is what awaits you. You have to learn as the changes come: changes in operating system, changes in the Internet, changes in database, changes in new language versions, changes in game programming, the need for higher resolution display and today, not just higher resolution but you have to start facing 3D programming. Tomorrow, robotics! In future, artificial intelligence! As if relational database was not enough, you now have to face object database; you have to see it through, whether or not it ultimately replaces relational database. Are these changes a blessing or a curse? Do you like it? I like it: who does not want to be at the forefront of innovations. The clients embrace the innovations.

Computer Lecturer, software writer: You have a First Degree, then Masters, and may be Phd. It is often said that when you finished writing a book, based on current status, by the time it reaches the shelves, it is already outdated, because of new changes. And so today, you have the tendency to write for the Internet, so that by the time you finish writing, people will start reading. Now at the Internet, you face poor copyright management, and lower writing revenue. You have the responsibility to solve these problems. You also carry part of the blame: you and the hardware guys collaborate to come up with new things from time to time; you also took part in the invention of the Internet, giving room for spammers, scammers, and today, poor Internet copy right protection. The work of the police is to arrest copyright infringers. Your work is to prevent the possibility of Internet infringement, like the electronic engineers install alarms to protect a building, or like builders build a solid fence and gate to keep thieves away, reducing the possibility of stealing. Prevention is better than cure.

Computer Programmer, an explorer: Any profession has a syllabus of a definite amount of knowledge, and at the limit, it can be learned by anybody. By the time you are going on retirement, experienced, you would definitely have covered so many things. You surely would be a Jack of all trade and a master of a few. So, you would be in the position to advise the active. An advisory status that most old had in the society of the past, rather than idling in an old people’s home as it is with most old today.

Young computer programmer or computer student: have courage.


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