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This is a social network where people compete to read web pages. There are financial rewards for that. Registration is free for you. A member must login before his/her readings are recorded. Non-members are free to read the articles, without logging in, however such passers-by get no faniacial reward.

If you can write, you are invited to write here. Writers who write here are happy, beacuse their work is always read, since readers compete to read. All writers are paid for the number of readings they get, from members and non-members. Note, it is not recommended that more than three writers write on the same title.

Each category has a corresponding discussion group. Every member (reader or writer) of a category is a member of the discussion group for that category.

Get the information you want.

If you are looking for any information and you cannot find it here, it means you are likely not to see it, anywhere else. The articles published in this site are free for anybody in any part of the world to read. There are articles in almost every field of life.

The articles and discussions here are iPad (smartphone) and desktop computer compatible. People, today, also use the Internet for entertainment. So short stories can be written here.

At the limit, if you do not find what you are looking for, go ahead and write one of your own; no matter how small it is (500 words minimum), if it is accurate, it is valuable, people will read it, and you will make money.


Members and non-members are free to read the articles and discussions in any category. The categories are: Art & Entertainment, Automotive, Business & Finance, Culture & Society, Education, Events & Holidays, Family, Fashion & Beauty, Food & Drinks, Health & Nutrition, Hobbies & Craft, Home & Garden, Internet, Pets, Relationships, Religion & Spirituality, Reviews, Science & Technology, Self Improvement, Software, Sports & Fitness, Travel.

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